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"Creativity is an On-going, Changing, Evolving Entity"...

20160120_183552 copy.jpg
Arcos de la Frontera, Spain 2015
_DSC3385 copy2.jpg
Landmark plc, London 2006
India, 1999
Kingsland rd, E London 2002
Arcos de la Frontera, Spain 2012
Arcos de la Frontera, 2013
Cyprus, 1997
Boblow, Suffolk, 2004

Words written by Heathcote Williams, after seeing a few of Mike England's paintings at an Exhibition at Liscous Design, Oxford.

"Mike England’s paintings are elusive. However, if you give them a chance they’ll tease your consciousness into a satisfying sense of harmony.


One picture may look like the outlines of banned items in an airport security X-ray; another may resemble a Welsh landscape, burgeoning with primal spongiform plants that await a dinosaur’s jaws. 


In another a series of time-lapse images seem to be describing an inner dreamscape of the painter’s thoughtful psyche.

As you look from subject to subject you don’t quite know what’s what. The pictures move in and out of the figurative. Is another painting a cityscape with TV screens and warnings to jaywalkers? Or is it Mondrian’s ghost picking up his ruler and his brushes again?  


“Everything is abstract”, Mike England says, gently throwing down the gauntlet to anyone who might feel challenged by his painting’s non-figurative aspect. Mike England’s paintings penetrate the inner and reflect it in the outer. It’s quantum painting in which the artist is quietly breaking new ground. He proceeds according to his own lights and his paintings reflect that illumination". 


Heathcote Williams ... writer/Poet

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Ediths writing.jpg
Tokyo, Gallery Jin, 2000.jpg
Gallery Jin, Tokyo 2000
Cyprus Circles, Cyprus 1997
S Ken studio 2012.jpg
S Ken studio 2012
IMG_9396 (1) copy.jpg
Oxford Arts Week, 2015
S Ken' studio, 2012.jpg
S. Ken Studio 2011
Shoredith Studio 2001
Arcos studio, 2015.jpg
Arcos de la Frontera Studio 2013
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