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The Sattchi Gallery, London(Start Art Fair)  The Dragon Gallery

At the Exhibition opening


With members of the Dragon Gallery

O.U.P. (Oxford University Press)  May 2019


Cornerstone Exhibition,  March/April 2019

Cornerstone Exhibition
Heathcote Williams 2016.jpg

Exhibition in Homage to

Heathcote Williams

1941 - 2017

‘Tabula Rasa’: Locke Goes Painting

The Wednesday

‘Tabula Rasa,’ the phrase created by Locke, has come alive in Mike England’s new exhibition. Locke thought that the mind is a clean slate and our ideas come through the senses. These ideas could be visually formed lines and colours as shown in the paintings. The exhibition was well attended for the private viewing on Saturday the 9th March in the evening at the Cornerstone Gallery in Didcot. Mike is an active member of the Wednesday Group and several members of the group turned up to support the event.

The gallery provided an ideal space to allow the paintings to be shown to their full potential, displaying brightly coloured works between the more neutrally toned, enhancing the pieces and giving validity to the exhibition.

Mike England

Mike’s work is predominately in oils. He has a wonderful air for colour that is mesmerising, drawing you in so that you can see the intricate detail hidden below the initial abstract image. There were a couple of works in ink. Again the initial impression is very striking but on closer inspection the intricate details in one of these shows a princess and prince looking out into the galaxy.

his audience to draw their own conclusion 10 on the meaning behind his works. His own free spirit is evident in his style and he has a great empathy and appreciation of the power of colour and shades of colour which is not normally achieved in oil. His works have a predominant shape but they also have a unique, almost layered effect which gives rise different ideas as you view the paintings. The overall effect is wonderful,

and certainly not a blank canvas.

Mike England dedicated the exhibition to his friend and poet, the late Heathcote Williams. The exhibition is on display until the 31st March.

Issue No. 88 27/03 /2019 The Wednesday

Heathcote's wife, Dianna, and daughters, China and Lily

Exhibition at 1793 GALLERY, Nov', Dec'' 2018



Solo Exhibition, At San Miguel, ARCOS DE LA FRONTERA, SPAIN,APRIL/MAY 2016

san miguel, Arcos


Paintings by Mike England (

Opening Reception: 27th May 2010, 6:30 - 8:30

21 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1AA

fleet street exhibition 1.jpg

Piero Passet Gallery is pleased to present "Grace, Form, Beauty and Balance"

Paintings by Mike England, showing two different periods of the artists work:

Within the City series and Recent Paintings


Gallery Jin Exhibition, Tokyo, 1999

Gallery Jin.jpg
Gallery Urano Exhibition.jpg

Gallery Urano Exhibition, Tokyo, 2000

Gallery Urano Exhibition, Tokyo 2000.jpg

Private Collection, Brooklyn, NYC.

Painting on back wall from the Indian series

brett and Amy, Brooklyn.gif
Arcos studio 2016.jpg

Arcos Studio 2016

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